Myth & Media: Greek Mythology & Modern Consumerism


Myth & Media: Greek Mythology & Modern Consumerism

What has Greek and Roman mythology to do with bathroom cleanser? Cheerios? Cars? Mints? Fire Hydrants? Cosmetics?

The Greek Gods were the superheroes of their time with ever growing and endearing stories accumulating over time.  Mythology was much more than good story-telling; it was insight into human nature, a glimpse at an ancient people trying to make sense of phenomena they could not explain.

Today, as much as ever, we see it continuing to offer inspiration for our art, sports, entertainment, music, design, manufacturing and our everyday products and it is still a source for many names and terms we use today.

Join Lianne Harris as we time travel from past to present to visually link the relevancy of 3000-year old classical mythology and its ever-reaching impact on our lives today.