A Medieval Journey


A Medieval Journey

Knights, damsels, jousts, castles!

All of these are exciting but there is a more fascinating aspect of the medieval age–everyday medieval life around the world!

Lianne Harris delivers a fun, enlightening and interactive presentation that reveals some of the lesser-known, yet curious elements of the medieval time period – not only in Europe, but in China, Mongolia and India, too.

The Middle East, and Africa are included. What did these cultures exchange with Europe and how did those encounters change the world? Why do we say the things we say, and do the things we do, 1000 years later?  This era in human history continues to draw attention from us.

For this presentation, you will see costumes and medieval paraphernalia such as wax seals, writing tablets, rings, trenchers, hats, costumes, brooches, cloth, herbs, money, kitchenware, grooming aids, and armour which allows the participants to see, smell, and touch the middle ages!