History By Harris

Lianne Harris

B.F.A(Ed), B.A(Ed), T.E.S.L.

Lianne was a former Social Studies / History Specialist with the Toronto District School Board, guest instructor and workshop leader for many other school boards in Southern Ontario, and curriculum advisor for Upper Canada College, having taught over 100,000 teachers and students (usually in authentic period clothing). She has been involved in various initiatives such as the Freedman Bank Records for the Smithsonian Institute in Washington and with entrepreneurial artists and business start-ups in developing countries. In 2003, she was selected by W.O.M.A.D. as one of Toronto‚Äôs Women of Influence and in 2009 was invited to be a contributing author of the Canadian best-seller business/self-help book, ‘The Power of Women United’. She is the author of two medieval novels. Appearing on TV and being interviewed on the radio many times, she has been the keynote presenter at many professional, academic and organization events.

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